Services and Rates

Combination Massage Techniques (Click here for info and pricing.)

person getting a back massageJensen Beach Studio:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Compression Effleruage, Petrissage,Trigger Point and Stretching combination.

In studio: Aromatherapy and Warm Stones are incorporated FREE of charge.

Sign up for a Massage Package : 5 massage services provided in 3 months ……6th massage  is FREE !

$70 for 50-minutes         $95 for 80-minutes


Essential Oil Scrub (Click here for info and pricing.)

oils for massageAll Natural and Organic  Scrub

“4 IN 1 FORMULA” will transform your skin
1. EXFOLIATE – fine grain, mineral rich, 100% pure dead sea salt (gentle but powerful)
2. CLEANSE – organic essential oils work like microscopic cleansing agents
3. NOURISH – nutrient dense ingredients feed your precious skin
4. MOISTURIZE – infused with skin softening oils and butters results in ultra soft & smooth skin

Upgrade to include a Back or Feet Exfoliating Scrub with your 50 minute massage: $10


Receive a Back OR Feet Exfoliating Scrub FREE when you receive an 80 minute Massage Combo

CBD Pain Relief (Click here for info and pricing.)

man with hand on lower backCBD  Maximum Strength Cream .  CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) plants.  CBD does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound . CBD works by acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Receptors for cannabinoids are found in the digestive, reproductive, nervous, and immune systems. CBD regulates neurotransmitter function, inflammation, mitochondrial function and metabolism.

CBD also helps support sustained pain relief. Formulated that optimizes the naturally occurring terpenes,essential fatty acids and phytonutrients. CBD is safe , addressing pain at the site of the discomfort,decreasing pain signaling to the brain and promoting relaxation. Contains: 400 mg CBD,Lidocaine 2 % Menthol 3 % ,water. Also contains cetyl Alcohol,Coconut oil, Cannabus Sativa Seed OIl.

Application of CBD Maximum Strength will only be used at  a localized area.

..$12 added to session fee

Corporate Chair Massage (Click here for info and pricing.)

silhouette of person getting shoulder massageCorporate Chair massage is a popular way of relieving stress and releasing tension right at the workplace. You receive your massage in a specialized ergonomic chair which I bring to your location. In addition to the usual health benefits of massage, another benefit of chair massage is that it is done over the clothing. With seated massage, you can avoid the discomfort and awkwardness that you may feel in disrobing for a traditional massage. Your employees will appreciate this !

*Additional gratuity may be added at client’s discretion.
*Service to some hotels/resorts, college campuses, convention centers, hospitals and other large facilities may incur an additional fee.
*When convenient free parking is not readily available client will cover parking expenses.



$75 hr…2 hr minimum

Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing (Click here for info and pricing.)

Derma Transformation Double Peel treatment

lady's face with smaile50 minutes: $90
This is a non invasive but effective skin resurfacing treatment. The first of the double series of peels, dissolves skin cell connective tissue strands with our 20 % Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel treatment, followed by a deeper resurfacing in the second peel with the patented PowerDerm® Kinetic Dermabrasion™ Peel treatment. This double peel permits greater depth of dermabrasion penetration resulting to smoother, collagen enhanced and younger looking skin.

To get better results 6 + treatments are suggested. The fifth treatment is FREE of charge.

Resurfaces: Damaged aging cells are removed from the outer layer of skin.

man looking into cameraTriggers: Cellular mitosis and regeneration of skin cells and lipids.

Restructures and Stimulates: Thickening and firming with collagenic matrix rebuilding within 72 hours, through the release of collagen and elastin peptides from proliferation of fibroblast secretion in the dermis.

Supercharges the blood and lymphatic circulatory system with blood nutrients, internal antioxidants, your own hormones, peptides, amino acids, hyaluric acid and oxygen. Reverses cell damage while lymphatic massage flushes away toxic cellular debri , aged and depleted skin cells.

Essential Oil Body Scrub followed by a PowerDerm® Crystal Therapy Exfoliation Facial™

Experience the soothing results after layers of drying and accumulated skin cells are exfoliated from your feet and back resulting to smooth and soft skin.


Resurfaces and removes imperfections along with dead surface skin cells.

Triggers up to 72 hours of new cell regeneration and synthesis of Collagen and Elastin Peptides.

Supercharges the lymphatic and circulatory system bathing your skin cells with your own blood nutrients, oxygen, vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and hormones.

Eliminates damaged skin cells, metabolic waste, bacteria and other toxins by flushing them out through the blood and lymphatic systems.



Massage Out Calls (Click here for info and pricing.)
50 minutes: $90

Out calls to your home or business establishment  in the Port Saint Lucie county area. 


Tradition Out Calls: Town Park and Lake Park Residents:

$50 minutes ($70)  for Out call service to your home.

Want more relief and benefits, add 1/2 hr ($30) to your session.

Customer Referral Awards

words "thank you"My business can only thrive because of YOU, my customer ……

For every new client you refer to me, who schedules and receives a massage or skin care service (beyond the Grand Opening special), I will gladly give you in return a $10 Referral Reward Discount on either your next massage or skin care service I provide to you. Please be sure your referral provides me with your name and number.

Credit Card Convenience

Cash is preferred. I do accept Credit Cards for your convenience however;  there will be an additional  service  fee of $3.00